May 23, 2012
It bothers me…

I don’t know why.

When I hear anyone bashing a politician, doesn’t matter what side they’re on. When someone says

"So and so is such an idiot." and just leaves it at that.

If they say “So and so is such an idiot and here’s in a reasonable explanation why.” I think, ok, alright.

It just seems like to me a lot of the younger crowd jump on the band wagon with politicians and don’t actually get informed about who they stand behind…¬†

There’s a blog I follow by a very well informed¬†liberal fellow, and anon asked him,

"My brother suggested I should vote for Romney (might have been someone else, it was awhile ago), tell me why I should tell him no, no, no!"

And when I saw that I had to reread it.

Did that just happen?


You made your choice without even knowing why?